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👋 I’m John. I’m a pretty big fan of emojis, an avid cyclist, frequent soccer player, and find joy in good books.

I studied Computer Science, Mathematics, Robotics, and Cognitive Science during undergrad, which I did at the University of Central Florida (UCF). While I was there, I explored startups and research, the latter being of greater intrigue. Additionally, while at UCF, I co-founded a continually budding organization – AI@UCF and finished off my last year with an invitation to MIT’s Summer Program in Neuroscience with a return offer to spend a semester there as well.


Probably the crowning achievement of my time in undergrad. This club started as a way for some friends and I to reinforce our understanding of Machine Learning (ML), Cognitive Science (CS), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by teaching our learnings to others. Ultimately, it’s grown beyond that to encompass a developing curriculum which continues to be refined and seeks to bring non-computational folk “into the fold” all while fostering a community actively engaged in both discussions and research focused on topics in AI/ML/CS.

Since graduating, I’ve been an advisor to the educational component, working to give back to AI@UCF by broadening the scope of the materials covered so that students can widen their perspective prior to graduation. Ideally, this widening prepares them for the leap to graduate school in a discipline they truly enjoy, as opposed to picking something subpar.

MIT MSRP & Beyond

During the summer of 2019, I spent 4 months at MIT working with world-class researchers (both senior to me and as peers). During that time, I began fleshing out my passion for using tools from Computer Science to answer questions from Cognitive Science and Sociology.

My interests are in computational cognition, particularly the social, common sense, and linguistic kind. I build upon on our understanding of cognitive science, particularly development, to develop models that mimic external human behavior with the goal of advancing our understanding of these kinds of cognition and the developmental mechanisms that give rise to these abilities.

Some notes:

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  • I’m always down to chat with people interested in getting into research! Please feel free to take a look at talks I’ve given and guides I’ve [posted here][research]. If you still have questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me at <first-name>[at]<this-website>.
John Muchovej
John Muchovej
Researcher & Data Scientist

My interests are in using tools from computer science to advance our understanding of cognition and development. I focus this interest in the domains of social cognition, common sense, and linguistics.